How to Wear the "On-Body" MITes

The on-body MITes can detect your motion as you walk and do other daily activities. They do not record sound, heart rate, or other information. They should be safe and comfortable to wear with stretchy wristbands. You may take them off when going to sleep or showering.

Every morning:
  1. Remove old batteries: Push on the side of the battery to remove it from the MITes case and put them in the "used batteries" tray.
  2. Put in new batteries: Slide in a new battery, plus (+) side up.
  3. Wear wristbands: Slide one on each wrist and ankle.
  4. Place MITes under wristbands: Smooth side against your skin and battery up, on top of wrists and outer side of ankle, make them point to fingers/feet.
  5. Wear MITes in same position every day.