How to Setup the Movement Detector Sensors

This guide will help you set-up the MIT environmental sensors in your home. We will be referring to these sensors as "MITes."

When placed on objects in your home, such as cabinets, appliances, and furniture, MITes can detect many of the actions of the home inhabitants. They send out a signal to a nearby computer when the object they are attached to moves. So when the remote control, the couch, the microwave, or the front door is used, the MITes can signal that an action has taken place.

All the signals can be combined to describe the activity of the inhabitant. Knowing what the inhabitants are doing can be helpful for things like delivering relevant information while you are doing a task, like a recipe when you are cooking.

Setting up MITes in your own home may sound complicated and technical, but all you need to do is attach them onto objects that can be moved and used.

Tips for Attaching MITes

  • Place MITes on objects that move and vibrate or shake.
  • Choose the ideal adhesive for the object: Putty, tape, rubber band, or no adhesive
  • Keep in mind that adhesives like tape may leave residue on the object.
  • Putty is the best option for many things. Be careful when using putty on white paint.
  • Make sure the MITes is attached to the part of the object that moves.
  • Secure the MITes to prevent them from getting knocked off or displaced.
  • Do not worry about the orientation of the MITes on the object.

Places to Attach MITes

Throughout home
doors, windows
trash bins
drawers, end tables, dresser, bed, chairs
desk, lamps
Living Room
seating, coffee table
cabinet drawers, doors
phone, remote controls
chairs, drawers/doors, containers
keyboard, printer, etc
mail sorter, pen cup
Kitchen/Dining Room
cabinet doors, drawers
small and large kitchen appliances
tables and chairs
Bathroom/Laundry Room
medicine cabinet, linen closet
shower curtain/door, doors
toilet lid, sink handle, flush tab
laundry hamper, ironing board
liquid bottles and dispensers

Specific Places to Attach Sensors