Central Unit

A Controlled Power Strip (CPS) and a Cell Remote Controller C-RC is utilized to power on, off, or recycle the central unit. The wiring of the system is as follows:


In order to get cell phone commands C-RC has to be programmed via computer serial port.
There are 4 modes for the C-RC signal, Signal quality mode (for measuring cell phone signal quality),
Direct serial control (for programming via serial port), direct modem control (for using C-RC as a cellular
modem), normal run mode (for controlling base units via cell phone). The positions of dip switches are
as follows:
Signal quality mode
1 up; 2, 3, 4 down
Direct serial control
2 up; 1, 3, 4 down
Direct modem control
3 up; 1, 2, 4 down
Normal run mode
all down
Factory reset
4 up; 1, 2, 3 down
*** Each time the switches are changed the power must be recycled.

Some of the direct serial control commands:
Displays the entire Caller ID “Do” table and status (Enabled or Disabled)
both x=0 and x=1, Disables the Caller ID “Do” table
erases the entire Caller ID “Do” table
the serial command to add a Caller ID to the “Do” table for the CPS

- yyyyyyyyyy the phone number that you will be calling from

- A is the box address of the CPS (Default is 0)

- O is the outlet on the CPS that you want to control (1,2,3 or # as a wildcard

- x is the command for the selected outlet (1=on, 2=off, 3=recycle)

For example, if you want CPS box 0, all outlets to recycle when a call is received from 770-945-6543 , the serial command to add this to Caller ID “Do” table is: *CA77094565430#3

The POF and PON commands will only work if you are connected directly to the CPS. The CPS does not understand them.