Setting up the wireless network

  1. Install the supplied driver disk for the Belkin WUSB100 wireless networking device prior to attaching the device to the computer.
  2. Connect the WUSB100 when prompted.
  3. When prompted to connect to a network, click on the SSID of the previously configured wireless router. Click Connect.
  4. If you are warned about the security of the network, select "Connect Anyway."
  5. Select the Profiles tab from the Linksys Setup Wizard and click on the Default profile. After that is highlighted, click on the Edit button on the bottom.
  6. Once again, select the name of the wireless network used. Click on the Advanced Setup button.
  7. Specify network settings and do not use the automatic option. LinksysNetConfig.png
  8. Specify the IP address of the computer as 192.168.1.xx where the "xx" represents the numeric ID of the kiosk.
  9. Enter a Subnet Mask of 
  10. Following the Default Gateway, the IP address of the router (should be
  11. If you plan an internet uplink with the router for debugging purposes, enter the DNS settings provided by your ISP in the fields labeled DNS1 and DNS2 (optional).
    • If you are not using an internet uplink, enter and leave the DNS2 field blank.
  12. Click Next. On the following page, select Infrastructure Mode and type in BoxLab for the infrastructure name.
  13. For the security setting, select the method specified in the router configuration. Click Next.
  14. Type in the passphrase set in the wireless router. Click Next.
  15. Click Save and then click "Connect to Network."