Kiosks 2.0



The computer in the 2.0 kiosks will not have its own enclosure. Instead, the frame of the kiosk itself functions as the primary enclosure. This has many advantages; among them a unified cooling system.

Preliminary hardware:

Hard disks:

Under consideration:

Base station

There are a number of concerns with integrating off-the-shelf parts, as there is some variability of size amongst both ATX PSUs and microATX motherboards.

For the PSU:
  • Standard dimensions are 150x146x86mm
  • The 150x86 dimensions are fairly static. Our reference PSU is very close on these dimensions.
  • The 146mm dimension (approximately how "deep" the PSU is) can vary much more. Our reference is larger, but not by much, say 5mm.

For the motherboard:
  • Standard dimensions: 9.6in x 9.6in
  • Reference: 9.6x7.6
  • Variation can occur in both dimensions
  • Our design can currently support at most 9.6x8.35in motherboard, assuming that we want to plug in cables with headers no longer than 2.25"
  • Motherboards for lower-end processors fit this quite easily; high-end processors (Core 2, etc.) almost universally utilize all the space.
  • There are sufficient boards on the market of our current processor type that meet these demands

Intake size:
  • Our fans have an intake area of ~1.25*1.25*pi = ~5 sq in.
  • Assuming an intake width of 5.5 in (1/2 in border on either side) and a grill that obscures approximately 1/2 of the area, the height required for the intake is approximately 1.8 inches.


  • Move data drive to ceiling of peripheral side
  • Add holes ad slots for keys and locks
  • Move motherboard holes away from edges


  • 6 standoffs 6-32 --> M3
  • 6 t-nuts 6-32
  • 6 M3 screws
  • 1 CPU heat sink
  • 1 SATA cables
  • 1 IDE cable
  • 4 short furniture legs
  • 2 cabinet pulls (u-handles)
  • 2 magnetic clasps
  • 4 flush door hinges
  • 2 xx" barrel locks
  • 1 set powered speakers
  • 1 power socket
  • 1 USB, KB, plate mount extension
  • 1 hard drive dock (toaster)