The following are under consideration for updating BoxLab:

Video recording

  • USB video grabber to allow use of smaller form factor computers
  • Possibly investigate WIFI webcam streaming
  • Make DIY fisheye camera using front door peep hole. .

Home energy use

  • Real-time home energy monitoring tools from AlertMe. Monthy/Yearly subscription required.
  • Google PowerMeter Open source project to provide feedback and other services related to energy use. Likely to become a clearinghouse for information about technologies that measure energy use in the home.
  • thinkeco

Computer use

  • Desktop computer activity monitor: Slife. Soon to be open source.

Audio output

  • Good quality speakers in revision 2 kiosks

Investigate RFID options

  • There may be CF-based cards for PDA, etc.

Wearable camera

Higher quality audio recording

  • Bluetooth earpiece at the moment has no known programmable control
  • Check into battery life
  • Cannot record phone calls because the audio is processed through a different stream
  • Contact Matthais to see if he has suggestions for optimal recording techniques

Indoor Positioning Systems

Ekahau RTLS

Sonitor Ultrasound IPS
  • room-level, bed-level, ID tags and receivers - receivers send signal to network and central computer

Equator Indoor Ultrasonic Positioning and Tracking

Thales (French Aerospace company) RADAR IPS

COMPASS- probabilistic

Radianse- radio-based IPS

Indoor Absolute Positioning System

Low-Cost IPS- radio frequency and ultrasonics

RADAR- microsoft research

Random wireless network use

broadband ultrasonic

DOLPHIN (Distributed Object Localization System for Physical-space Internetworking)

WiFi-based IPS

Bayesian IPS's

Mote Indoor Positioning System- MPOS

device-independent IPS

Sky trax IPS

cricket IPS