Deployment Process

At least one week prior to installation day, you should begin preparing the kiosks for deployment. Cease all software development and conduct several days of reliability testing to ensure the latest build is robust. You should plan to work through these guidelines as early as possible, but bear in mind that any activity that involves opening or closing the kiosks may disrupt an otherwise functioning system.

When meeting the participant at the lab

  • Describe the study and answer and questions the participant may have
  • Discuss possible noise issues with participant to determine if he or she will be comfortable with the kiosks
  • Discuss energy consumption issues and how this will be compensated
  • Explain damage waiver and indicate that we are not responsible for damage to belongings (but will do our best to prevent this)
  • Review and sign consent form
    • Revise form to mention cabinets or “kiosks” (not just laptops)
    • Remove “5 areas of your home” language

On your first visit to the participant's home

  • Make floor plan
  • Take pictures of sensor locations before (and also after) install
  • Simultaneously install sensors and record locations using the Sensor Map Editor
  • Optimize kiosk layout to provide the most coverage within the space
  • Bring consent forms for visitors