To download 3D models of components click here



DLL utilizes MIT enviromental sensors (MITes). Visit for MITes dedicated website.


Dell Optiplex GX270, used for processing sensor data, should have a minimum of 1Gb RAM and two video cards.


Video Card

There are two ViewCast Osprey-100 video capture cards in each computer. One captures video from the local camera, the other captures via a wireless link from the satellite unit.


Wireless Audio/Video Transmitter/Receiver

RF Link 5.8GHz Wireless Audio/Video Sender with IR Remote Control Extender -- AVS-5811 is used for wireless A/V transmission. In order not to interfere with wireless and GSM networks 5.8 GHz bandwidth selected.


Cell Remote Controller

Computer Peripheral Systems (CPS) cell remote controller - CRC is used for remote control of AC power or reset button over a cell network. It accepts Text Message commands or simple call commands. Only central unit utilizes CRC.


International Power Controller

Computer Peripheral Systems (CPS) International Power Controller - IPC is used for controlling power strip via standard telephone lines. Serves as a base unit for CRC. Only central unit utilizes IPC.


Controller Power Strip

Computer Peripheral Systems (CPS) Controlled AC Power Strip - CPS is used to control power and reset the computer and wi-fi router. Both central and room units utilize CPS

Click here for power management


Wi-Fi Router

Linksys WRTSL 54GS wireless broadband router is used for wireless networking. Only the central unit has this router for providing the Wi-Fi. Room units connect Wi-Fi via wireless adapters.


Wi-Fi Adapter

Linksys WUSB100 USB wireless network adapter is used for connecting room units to Wi-Fi.


Bullet Camera for Main and Room Units

A 170 degrees wide angle high resolution color video camera is used in each of the room and central units.


Bullet camera for Satellite Units

We used a regular bullet camera for satellite units, our major concern was high sensitivity to light. Click here for the camera that we used.



We now use a more sensitive microphone "system" which can be found here.

external image 633453477773750000_pa3-il.jpg

1-Wire USB Adapter

The environmental sensors in the kiosk (humidity, light, temperature) are based on the 1-wire protocol. Click here for a USB to 1-Wire converter.

external image ds9490r-a.jpg

External Hard Disk Drive

1 week of video recording with handlense software generates approximately 250 Gb of data, as a result we recommend to use a 1Tb HDD in each room and central units.


Lamp Shade for Housing Camera and IR Motion Sensors

Staples Torchiere Floor lamp meet our requirements and selected as the housing for the camera and IR motion sensors. Any floor lamp with at least 3cm. post diameter and with an aluminum shade is suitable.


Lamp Shade for Satellite Units

We hide the bullet camera inside a goose neck desktop lamp shade. We used Tensor Desk Lamp which is a generic off the shelf product obtained from Ace Hardware.


Enclosure for Main and Central Units

We used a 12mm plywood sheet for cutting press fit elements for constructing unit. To download the Rhinoceros file for cutting pattern click here.


Enclosure for Satellite Units

We used 1/4 inch plywood sheet for cutting press fit elements for constructing satellite unit. To download the Rhinoceros file for cutting pattern click here.