Plywood Enclosure Assembly
Top Panel, Post, and Lampshade
Component Placement and Connections
Software and Troubleshooting

Component Placement

Sits on bottom panel near left wall panel.
Position also dictated by air chamber installment
External hard drive and corresponding cooling fan
Usually on the upper shelf of shelving unit
Most components sitting on shelving unit can be moved to sit anywhere on shelving unit.
MITes receiver
Usually on the lower shelf

Either upper shelf or lower shelf
Position is interchangeable with A/V receiver
USB wireless network adapter
Usually on lower shelf

A/V receiver
Either upper shelf or lower shelf

Controlled power strip
Directly under shelving unit
Its power cable is wrapped around the body and held down with zip ties
Standard power strip
Between controlled power strip and computer

  • Component_placement.jpg

For the external hard drive, the fan is hot glued at a right angle onto a piece of foam core about 3 inches by 5 inches. This is tucked under the external hard drive as shown in the second picture above.

Osprey Cards

Quantity required

In every 6 kiosks, 4 of the computers will have 2 osprey cards each and the other 2 computers will have 1 osprey card each.

To install the osprey video card

  • Osprey_install.jpg

After installing the right number of video cards, put the PCI card holder back and close the computer.

The “Y” power cable

This custom power cable powers 2 fans and the microphone.

  • Y_cable.jpg

Hot glue can be used to seal in the soldered connections. This type of power connection is repeated independently on the motion sensor power cable.

Controlled Power Strip

Noise Modification

The controlled power strip has a small buzzer that makes a lot of noise and needs to be removed.

  • Buzzer_remove.jpg

Connection to PC:

  • ctl_pwr_pc.jpg

Audio Video Connection

  • avconnection.jpg

Complex Straight Connections

One-wire sensor connection to PC:

  • One-wire.jpg
  • The one-wire sensors are soldered onto a 8-inch length of category 5 cabling with a molded RJ45 connector on the opposite end as seen in the first picture above. The quad-splitter is custom made and can be replaced by anything that serves its function.
  • sensor.jpg
  • The RJ11 to RJ45 converter cable:
  • rj1145.jpg

Camera to PC:

  • campc.jpg

General Connections

PC USB Port connections:

  • External HDD
  • MITes Receiver
  • Linksys wireless network adapter
  • USB Extension cable
  • One-wire sensors

PC Component connections:

  • Speakers
  • Monitor

Power Connections:

Controlled Power Strip
Standard Power Strip
Motion MITes 9v
Controlled Power Strip
External HDD
Camera 12v

"Y" Power Cable

A/V Receiver 9v DC IN