Calibrating home datasets

In order to better compare home activity across datasets collected in different environments with varying sensor types and unique participants, we propose developing a calibration procedure that will help establish baseline metrics for each new dataset.

The following sample represents a calibration protocol that could be performed by participants in each study. These recommendations have been adapted from the contributions of Dr. Paul Lukowicz.

General Requirements

  • An activity rich procedure which activates a significant number of sensors and is spread over most rooms in the home
  • A combination of short, natural activities rather than a long complex procedure
  • Generic and reproducible activities that can be conducted in most home environments
  • Detailed audio/video recordings synchronized with sensor activations
  • Routine to be repeated at the beginning and end of data collection period, and possible midway through longer studies

Example Routine

  1. In bedroom, clap 5 times loudly at a rate of approximately once per second
  2. (Optional) Perform 5 jumping jacks
  3. Lie on your bed for at least 1 minute
  4. Get up and make the bed
  5. Get a pullover sweater or similar garment from your wardrobe and put it on
  6. Make a brief telephone call from any room
  7. Walk to the bathroom and wash your hands
  8. Walk to the kitchen and pour yourself a glass of water from a tap, dispenser, or bottle
  9. Make a simple sandwich
  10. Eat the sandwich and drink the water at a kitchen or dining room table
  11. Make a cup of tea or coffee (or hot water)
  12. Chose one of the following:
    A. Walk to television viewing area, turn on television, sit down, and change the channel to ABC, NBC, or CBS (or equivalent) watch until first commercial break
    B. Walk to stereo/music system, insert CD, turn on music, listen until selected track ends
  13. Drink tea or coffee while watching television or listening to music
  14. Wash all dishes used in these activities either with a dishwasher or by hand
  15. Wash your hands in the kitchen
  16. Put on your shoes and seasonally appropriate outerwear; grab your house keys, purse, wallet, etc.
  17. Step out of your home, close the door, and wait approximately 1 minute
  18. Re-enter your home and put away any unnecessary items (outerwear, purse, etc.)
  19. Clap 5 times loudly at a rate of approximately once per second