Audio Video Capture

This is no longer true, but is a prerequisite of what is being done now.

Driver configuration

At this time you must manually select the desired video stream via Amcap. The Python code only selects capture device, not the individual input you wish to record. See AmCap Setup.

Setting up Python to enable audio/video capture

  1. Install Python v2.5 (or perhaps a newer version)
  2. Download the Python VideoCapture module (or later) from
  3. To make use of VideoCapture just copy the files from the 'PythonXX' folder in the zip file to the corresponding folders of your 'PythonXX' installation, where XX must match with the version of Python you have installed on your system.
  4. Download and install Python Imaging Library (PIL) from
  5. Download The Snack Sound Toolkit (snack) from KTH at
  6. Install the Snack libraries by moving to the 'Lib' folder of your PythonXX installation. Add 'snacklib' to the 'tcl' folder of our PythonXX installation.
  7. Download and install Psyco from